6 Great reasons why you need this skill set.

No 1) Gain a great new income stream.

No 2) The amount of test’s that are being carried out on SSEG systems is rising all the time.

No 3) There are not enough test engineers to cope with the growing demand.

No 4) I only know of 25 test engineers, who are capable of carrying out the latest G59/3-3 witness test, which uses ROCOF for the loss of mains protection.

No 5) Having the ability to carry out the latest G59/3-3 witness test will bring you into contact with some of the best, forward thinking companies working with SSEG systems in the UK.

No 6) And last but not least the financial rewards are very good indeed, we charge £650.00 + travel + vat  and some testers charge £800.00 for each test, if we do more than one unit in a Day we usually negotiate a rate which our client can agree with.

So those 6 reasons alone should be enough to excite any electrical contractor, and if the information shown above has done that to you, why not get in touch and discuss with us how, we can get you qualified to do G59/3-3 witness testing.


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