We will try and show you the standard of work that you can expect from A Circuit. These information pages will also give you a good idea of the problems we overcome to deliver excellent workmanship.

On this page we will call it Fitting a New Consumer box, (17th Edition)

Above you can see a new consumer box which has been installed in a 3 Bedroom House.

This consumer box was installed in a 4 Bedroom house and you can see that some of the wiring was not replaced, you can tell this by the red colour conductors which indicate older wiring. This is okay if the tests that we carry out on the circuits do not show any problems on either conductivity or insulation tests.

The consumer box above is for a much smaller bungalow, but as always look at how tidy the wiring is laid out, this is always a sign of a competent electrician.

Again tidy work and a circuit for every main utility in the house.