with the “Domestic Battery 7 System

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Domestic Systems
We all dream about saving money on our Electricity Bill, well now you can, with the Domestic Battery 7 system.

This system can work with solar panels or without, it basically works using stored battery power, which has been charged by solar power from your roof, or from an Economy 7 off peak supply from the national grid.

With our bespoke system which will be designed using information gained from your self, about the way you use power and when you use it, we will also design the system to the correct size for your individual needs, thus keeping the out going costs down to a minimum.

How it works
To be on a “Domestic Battery 7 System” which does not have solar panels, we will arrange for an Economy 7 electricity meter to be fitted for you. These meters charge you for using electricity on two different rates – the day rate and the night rate. The day rate usually runs from 7 am until midnight and the night rate runs for the rest of the time, but this can vary based on the electricity supplier and the meter, we will make sure when the best night rate is.

You’ll be charged a lower price for the electricity you’re using on the night rate compared to the day rate. You’ll typically pay between 11p and 17p per kWh on your Economy 7 day rate, while you’ll pay around 7p to 10p per kWh for electricity on the night rate, this is when we take advantage of the cheaper rate, to either charge your batteries or run your high usage machines like washing machines or tumble driers, at certain times it will be to do both.

As a real-world example*, if you were to use a standard washing machine for 15 hours in a month on the Economy 7 day rate, it could cost an average of £2.70. On the night rate, it could cost you around £1.50. That’s an average saving of £1.20 a month, or £14.40 a year. When you think about all of the appliances in your home, you could save quite a substantial amount off your electricity bills while using the “Domestic Battery 7 System” if you commit to using some of your appliances at night your savings will increase, and then you will also have the advantage with the “Domestic Battery 7 System” that your batteries will also be charged whilst using this lower rate, this is a win-win situation, basically you will be taking control of how and when you spend your money.

Saving money
Of course, using this system doesn’t mean you need to become nocturnal to save money on energy because the “Domestic Battery 7 System” is best suited to homes with storage heaters and water tanks, that can be programmed to run at night. And with this system after its been charged overnight you will be able to use hot water and heating throughout the next day, without having to pay for the electricity on the day rate. As part of the “Domestic Battery 7 System” we will run certain appliances on timers – washing machines or dishwashers – so that they can make the most of the cheaper night electricity.

Switching to a “Domestic Battery 7 System” will mean having an Economy 7 meter installed as part of our package, we will set up the account and have the meter fitted for you, as well as getting our own electricians to install the timers and battery storage system.

The equipment required for the “Domestic Battery 7 System” can easily be fitted in your garage or any unused space.
Some of the above surely excite anyone with large electricity bills, after all the systems above would save you a high percentage of any bill.

For any Domestic user, why not get in touch and we will run a full desk top analysis for you free of charge, to see what type of system would benefit your demand and obtain the best financial return, this service would be completely free and without obligation.

And to make it even better we can supply you with a great credit payment plan, this will of course be dependent on the usual checks with credit reference companies.