For well over one hundred years the Wiring Regulations have provided the rules which must be followed to make sure that electrical installations are safe. The introduction of the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations on the 1st January 2008 has major implications for all Electrical Contractors, Designers and Consultants. Installations designed from 1st July 2008 must comply with this new set of Regulations. Several new Regulations will have an impact upon circuit design and consumer unit layout.

We hope the information and pictures shown below will help you understand how important it is to only use fully trained and competent electricians, the new Wiring Regulations and current Building Regulations, providing the necessary facts to construct compliant installations including Consumer Units.

Building Regulations
Part P of the building regulations
relates to the electrical safety in dwellings. The approved document prescribes that consumer units should be located so that they are easily reachable where this is necessary to comply with Part M of the building Regulations, and this directive does not differentiate between a house consumer box or one for your shed or garage, but one major difference is you must always use fully armored cable as shown below this allows the correct level of outdoor protection.

Part M
requires that reasonable provision be made for people to gain access to a building and use its facilities. The approved document prescribes that switches, socket outlets and “other equipment” needs to be at appropriate heights, these are defined as between 0.45m and 1.2m from finished floor level.

Other equipment may be taken to include the consumer unit, as it contains devices such as MCB’s and RCD’s that may need operation or resetting by the user of the dwelling. The consumer unit should therefore be accessible, with the devices mounted at a height no greater the 1.2m above the floor.

When fitting an outdoor electrical supply you must bury the cable, as shown above.

This picture shows a good depth, a rule of thumb is over 600 mm deep.

Or clip the armored cable to a wall as shown above. to a solid wall.

Cable clips must be at the correct centres so no loops or slackness are shown in the cable run.

It is advisable to always put electrical warning tape over the armoured cable before filling in the trench, after all this could be in place for many Years and the property could change hands many time and the information regarding the buried cable will be lost.

If you have any interest in having a new supply put into your garage or shed why not get in touch for more help and advice, and of course we will supply a free no obligation quotation for your requirements.