A Circuit Ltd has been involved in many projects where we have fitted new lighting systems, and the range of these systems is growing all the time as new types of fitments come on to the market. As always the biggest thing you need to have in mind is the planning of what you want and where you want it.

It’s easy to line up the lights and to drill the holes, but it’s not that easy to fill them in, if we get it wrong. So please be mindful of the old but fair saying “measure it twice and cut it once”.

Mark out the positions and make sure you are happy with them before cutting takes place.

We always leave the fittings out of the holes until the decor is finished as most fittings are very hard to get into the holes and are usually even harder to take out again so it’s easy to damage the edges if to much activity around the hole edges has taken place, as shown below.

But when you get it right it can look as fabulous as this lounge looks below.

If you have any interest in having new lights fitted, why not get in touch for more help and advice, and of course we will supply a free no obligation quotation for your requirements.