A Circuit Ltd has done many house rewires and we will always try and bring as little upset to the house and the client as possible, but any contractor who tells you there will be no dust or upheaval during this work are just telling lies. This process is dirty, dusty and is always best done without you living in the property at the time.

We have of course done rewires with clients in the house but it is harder on both the contractor and the client, we have put some photos on this page to show you what we have to do, to get to all the parts of the house that we need to gain access to, so we can carry out a complete rewire. Just remember when the house first had the wiring put in place, there was no one in the property and there were no floor boards or plaster on the walls.

Removing Floor Boards.

We always remove all the old wiring from the floors boards and ceilings which some contractors do not do, this makes it a much tidier job and only leaves tested and safe conductors in place.

All of this old wiring needs removing after all if you are paying for a full rewire you will not need any of these old conductors.

As you can see walking down this corridor while this work is being carried out would not be easy and would not be very safe.

The picture above shows what is called in the trade as making a chase, this is where the conductors (cables) will sit after the rewire has taken place.

In this picture you can see the back box, this is where the socket front that you see will be attached to.

This is a really good idea, if the client can mark out the kitchen units like this we can all agree exactly where the sockets need to be positioned, this can save hours of work if done right like it was in the case shown above.

Above you can now see that the plaster has been made good and the back boxes are all nice and straight, we always use a laser light to make sure they are correct as nothing looks worse than a socket that does not line up with all the others.

If you need any help getting the house ready, why not get in touch for more help and advice, and of course we will supply a free no obligation quotation for your requirements.