Industrial Systems

  • An uninterrupted Power Supply for your whole site or for part of your site in case of black outs, power cuts, spikes etc. (Up to 20 MWhr capacity)
  • Voltage regulation
  • Power quality improvement (power factor correction etc.) Reduction in harmonics.
  • Reduction in high DUOS and TRIAD or Capacity Market Charges from your utility company between 5 and 7.00 pm in the evenings.
  • Generation of income from Grid Incentives such as FFR, demand response (via grid aggregators)
  • No capital costs or maintenance costs for 10 years. Battery system guaranteed by the manufacturer for 15 years, with expected life of 20 years.
  • A full site uninterrupted power supply for several hours every day – up to 10 MWhr capacity (no need for a backup generator in the case of 90% of power cuts, or power problems) – No cost
  • A Patented Voltage optimisation / Power factor correction system with proven results throughout the UK, offering up to 8 % reduction in power costs – No cost
  • A share in the savings generated by the system as a result of a reduction in capacity market charges, DUOS and TRIADS.- positive cash flow from year one
  • A potential share in Grid incentive income FFR, demand response etc. (Not in the ESCO funded option)
  • Potential for a reduction in the cost of future or present on site renewable electricity generation e.g. no inverters required, as a result of being able to charge DC current directly into batteries. Peak shaving possible.
  • Potential to charge electric vehicles at low night time rates with the knowledge that electric vehicles are on a massive growth curve (80,000 new registrations in the UK in 2016 alone) – potential future cost saving when having to charge multiple vehicles, and future income source.
  • And with us being a registered ICP (Independent Connection Provider) we will also save you money on the connection to the grid.
  • Some of the above surely excite anyone with large electricity bills, after all the systems above would save you a high percentage off any bill.
  • For any Industrial or large scale electricity user, why not get in touch and we will run a full desk top analysis for you free of charge, to see what type of system would benefit your demand and obtain the best financial return, this service would be completely free and without obligation.