We are looking for landowners who have small plots of land that are not very productive, at the moment, but this land could become the most productive land they have, 1.5 Acres could give you a return of up to £50.000 per Year, and not just for one Year, but for a contracted period of up to 20 Years, so as we said above 1.5 Acres = 1 Million.

And the reason for this basically crazy valuation is simple, if your land is in the right place the National Grid need to use it, because their system, is under so much pressure from (SSEG) Small Scale Embedded Generation systems, or Renewable Energy Systems, that the frequency they have, to provide to the general, public by Law, is being put under almost uncontrollable pressure.

So by Law they must have this situation brought under control, or they can be fined massive amounts of money and licences can even be taken away, so they have come up with the idea of having generators and battery storage systems, on call all over the country i.e. (FFR) Fast Frequency Response, which they can call on at any time, but to do this they have had to develop a payment structure that is so well paid, that the investors we have contacts with, will spend up to 10 Million a time on these systems to have them on standby.

Now the good part we only need to find landowners who are in the right areas geographically who own about 1.5 Acres of land, who are willing to have this equipment, put on their land for 20 Years and for that privilege, they will get paid around 50K per year, and they will have no costs what so ever, as all expenses are carried by the investors.

Now the bad news, to make this FFR system work, the land to be used can only be in certain geographical areas, where connectivity to the electrical system i.e. the Grid, can be obtained. Without this ability to connect to the grid their land in this situation would be useless, but again there is no financial costs to the landowner in finding this information, as we do all the checks and applications to the Grid to see if connectivity can be achieved at a sensible charge.

So, in the first instance all we need from any interested landowner or agent, is a signed letter of authority from the landowner, which we will supply, this is used to allow us to carry out the application process, without this authority, we cannot even talk to the Grid about their land.

If the application comes back as a negative we just inform the landowner of that situation and nothing more than a little time is lost, but if the offer comes back as a positive then we arrange for more in depth discussions with the landowner, where any questions or concerns can be discussed. The main thing to remember here is, if we get the connectivity offer at the right cost, we would have to move fast before someone else gets in, as connectivity is getting very hard to find.

So basically, if you know of anyone who has ownership of such property, we would like to obtain the permission from them to check if their land is usable for the FFR purpose, and as this is a business venture a finder’s fee would be available to you or your company if the land is used.

I hope the above information gives you at least a feel for what we are trying to achieve, and if you need any further help or want to ask more question please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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