National Electricity Registration Scheme Projects Audit Procedure


The Purposes of this document is to set out the audit procedures to be followed on any National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) related works carried out by the Company. It also lays out other NERS related audits which need to be carried out during the period where the company engages in NERS related projects i.e. Risk Management audits.

Compliance with this procedure is necessary to ensure all NERS work is carried out in accordance with the Company’s NERS accreditation and forms part of the Company NERS Risk Management Policy.

NERS Audit requirements

The requirements of the NERS scheme in relation to audits are designed to ensure that the company can provide projects for Distribution Network Operatives (DNO’s) that will meet compliance with the industry agreed standards.  It also requires the company to be able to identify deficiencies and be able to close these deficiencies within a reasonable period of time.


In line with the NERS requirements ensuring that only competent staff carry out the audits within an organisation, the Company has identified the competent people that can carry out the audits based upon the type of audit and its purpose.  This will be reviewed on an annual basis to make sure that the auditors put forward for the role are capable and deemed competent to do so.

Audit formats

As part of our process for managing Safety and compliance documentation, we utilise online auditing software through our Safety-First Package with HS Direct Ltd.  This software allows our competent staff to access onsite our predetermined audits and complete.  In the event of there being issues with connections due to locales then a paper based will be used as a back-up and then logged onto our system at the earliest possible opportunity.

These audits are then stored in PDF format for review by our company in a bid to improve compliance and safety, they are also available on request to the accreditation body of the NERS scheme or the adopting DNO.

This system also allows us to create and edit the predetermined audits at any time to reflect changing circumstances or changes to industry practice.

Remedial Actions

In the event of any audit highlighting any remedial action which would need to be undertaken, the company will assign this to the relevant individual to
be corrected.  This correcting officer will be assigned by the company based upon the area of expertise required and the severity of the defect.  A date for the remedial actions to be undertaken must be identified and this information provided to the correcting officer. The assigned competent person who undertook the initial audit will then have the responsibility of following this up and carrying up the follow up audit.  A follow up audit is undertaken to demonstrate and evidence that these remedial actions have indeed been rectified.

Types of Audit

1. Risk management audit

Achieving and maintaining National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) Accreditation is essential to the ongoing success of the Company.

The Company understands that maintaining its accreditation requires a pro-active approach to ensuring that the NERS requirements are consistently fulfilled, rather than relying on periodic and ad hoc NERS assessments by Lloyds Register.

The Company has therefore implemented and will operate the following Risk Management Procedure to ensure that it continues to meet the NERS requirements.


This process will involve a six monthly review of the risk management processes inherent in achieving NERS Accreditation, along with any other issues that may jeopardise the Company’s Accreditation.

The Risk Management Audit will be set up and implemented in the audit function of the Company’s Health and Safety software system.

The Company has identified the following areas where risks to NERS Accreditation may arise;

•    Quality of NERS works
•    Health and Safety
•    Environmental
•    Workforce competence
•    Subcontractor management
•    Procurement
•    Work flow
•    Miscellaneous and extraordinary issues

Mitigation of risk

To mitigate the risk of impact to our NERS accreditation our management system is designed to have relevant processes in place to reduce the impact of problems as we carry out works.

1.Quality of NERS works

• Competency management prequalification systems in our First For contractor’s section
• Supplier prequalification questionnaire as part of First For Contractors application
• Site audits of quality of work

2. Health and Safety

• Controls of risks with company risk assessment procedure
• Safe Systems of working built up as part of method statement system
• Audit of site safety done via audit application of online systems
• Prequalification of subcontractors training in relation to safety using first For Contractors application

3. Environmental

• Impact Register of potential site works

4. Workforce competence

• Training records system built into the Safety-First Package
• PQQ of subcontractors using First for Contractors application
• Toolbox talks for regular training in regards to best practice

5. Subcontractor management

• Dedicated subcontractor prequalification and management system as part of the First for Contractors system

6. Procurement

• Maintained Purchase Order Register
• Materials and Equipment standards register

7. Work flow

• Project Summary and checklist for all construction scopes

8. Miscellaneous and extraordinary issues

• Maintained Legislation library

The Risk Management Audit will be conducted by the Managing Director with the input of the Assessing Officers and Qualified Supervisors.

Where the Risk Management Audit identifies a real or potential risk to NERS Accreditation the Managing Director, in conjunction with the Assessing Officers and Qualified Supervisors, will implement an action plan to remove or reduce that risk to an acceptable level.

All Action Plans will be reviewed within subsequent Risk Management Audits.

The Risk Management Audit is contained with the Audit Function of the Company’s Health and Safety software.

The Audit is set to a six-month review frequency.

The Audit shall be completed by the Managing Director, or in his absence, an Assessing Officer. The input of the Assessing Officers and the Qualified Supervisors will be required.

Where an answer of No or N/A is given to any Risk Management Audit question a note must be made in the Audit explaining why an answer of No or N/A has been given.

On completion, the Managing Director will review the outcome with the Assessing Officers and Qualified Supervisors and review any matter where an answer of No has been given.

Where an actual or potential risk to Accreditation is identified then an Action Plan shall be implemented with the objective or removing the risk or reducing it to an acceptable level.

Action Plans

The Action Plan shall be recorded on the Risk Management Action Plan Form. It shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director to oversee the implementation of the Action Plan.

All Action Plans implemented shall be reviewed at the subsequent Risk Management Audit to ensure they have (1) been implemented and (2) have effectively removed or reduced the risk as required.

2. Health & Safety Site Audit

To evaluate the compliance and safety of site works during NERS works, the Company has in place an audit which can be undertaken by the competent person which asks questions of how the site is being managed.  These questions posed by these audits can be altered specific to DNO works.
This audit takes into account the following subjects in relation to Health & Safety.

•    Documentation
•    Site Welfare
•    Personal protective Equipment
•    Access & Security
•    Emergency Procedures
•    First Aid
•    Fire
•    Manual Handling
•    Plant
•    Excavations
•    Hazardous Substances
•    Noise

The Company will undertake the site audits and carry out the rectifications actions at regular intervals during the NERS works.  The competent person to undertake the site audits would either be the assessing officer, authorising officer.

3. Competency Audits

The Company will undertake regular auditing of the individuals engaged on NERS projects in relation to their competencies linked to the contestable scope of works.  This audit will be created and completed using the company’s online auditing software on a scope by scope basis depending upon the technical requirements of the works undertaken by the individual for that role.

These audits will be created and carried out on the individuals by the assessing officer assigned to the project.  Once completed the audit results will be uploaded directly into The Company’s subcontractor management application in the individuals custom file section.  Should a follow up audit be carried out then this will also be uploaded directly into the subcontractor’s management application in the custom files area.

As a minimum, each individual should be audited once in any 12-month period on all scopes of work they are authorised to carry out on NERS projects. Where an individual has not carried out work of a particular scope during the 12-month period then this will be reviewed as part of their annual competency assessment and a determination shall be made as to whether or not the individual requires further training to maintain skills and knowledge.

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