Here at A Circuit Ltd we are aiming to become your one stop shop for all things Electrical, please see an overview of our main services below, however should you have a bespoke project, you wish to discuss, please get in touch.

ICP (Independent Connection Provider)
We will beat any like for like quotation, for an Electrical Connection given to you, by your DNO (Distribution Network Operator)

This system can work with solar panels or without, it basically works on using either stored battery power, which has been charged by solar power from your roof, or from an Economy 7 off peak supply from the national grid.

(HV and LV Witness Testing)
We are licenced to carry out DNO Witness Tests, for both HV and LV systems, we also do inspection tests on Domestic Properties including Periodic Testing.

(Battery Storage Systems)
Battery Storage is the way to beat the ever-increasing cost of electricity, we could have the answer to your large electricity bill, be it Domestic or Industrial.

(Industrial Electrical Connections)
We will do all your applications for connection to the DNO, but also quote for supplying connectivity and actual electrical systems within your new building.

(Domestic Electrical Problems)
We have several teams of fully qualified competent electricians ready to sort out your domestic electrical problems, from breakdowns to full rewires, and all work is registered to your building department, under Part P.

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(Principal Contractor service)
The main benefit of our Principal Contractor service, is the peace of mind that comes from having one contractor responsible for all works, and you can also be confident that our insurance cover, which must be one of the best in the industry, will cover all contractors working with us on site. To view our Cover, Click here.

We also run a full passport management system, which runs alongside our NERS (National Electrical Registration Scheme) on site safety management protocol. To view our Safety Audit Procedure.

(Test Engineer Training Course)
Why not get ahead of the curve and get ready for the changes that are coming within G59/3-2, These changes could be the biggest since the recommendations were first formulated, and they relate to chances to ROCOF and Vector Shift.