Even though we are a registered NERS (National Electricity Regulation Scheme) member, we still have to be guided by either the DNO or the IDNO who we happen to be working with on any particular project, after all we will be signing over the adoption of the conductors and the actual route to that company.

Cable Laying

To achieve compliance with the actual requirements of those companies all of our site operatives are holders of (NRASW) licenses.

Trench Work

Above is a great example of having to work in roadway which still have to be used by the public, on some occasions we have had to redirect traffic but that is usually a last resort situation.

Cable Laying 2

As you can see from the photo above we work from the foundation up on some of our projects, this site was being made ready for a containerized solution.

Cable laying 3

Now the container is in which holds both the transformer and the ring main disconnection unit we can now start on the earthing system. And as you can see from the photo above sometimes the weather conditions are not in our favour.