Here you can see how we managed to allow an extension of a 4-bedroom domestic house to be worked on while the connectivity was still in use, we were able to disconnect the live supply and remove it from the interior of the house so that the wall that it was attached to was demolished.

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We supplied the builders with a temporary supply so they could keep on using the electrical supply for there on site equipment, after all the base work has been carried out and the first level of brick work has been done, we will install the supply back into the building.

We are very lucky to be a Stroma Registered Part P self-certifying electrical contractor’s, so we can also carry out the rewire that the property is in need off, this is a good example of what we mean by us being the Principal Contractor, basically we will organise everything for you, thus we can ease the stress you are already going through.


If you need any help getting the house ready, why not get in touch for more help and advice, and of course we will supply a free no obligation quotation for your requirements.